Introducing the Twig Stories by Jo Marshall

The Book CornerHello Rainbow Readers.  I have a special treat for you today.  We have a guest in the Rainbow Rune Reading Room.  Her name is Jo Marshall and she writes the Twig stories.  Let’s go over to the Book Corner and say hello and ask her some questions about her writing.


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Welcome Jo. Please tell us where you are from?  Let me guess Fairy Land … just kidding…no really do you?  😉

I live in Snohomish, Washington in the Pacific Northwest of the US.  I live on the edge of a valley, which is an old prehistoric lava flow, but now rural farmland.  Three enormous volcanoes surround Snohomish ~ Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, and Glacier Peak.  An old growth forest is my backyard and a deep, slow-moving river winds through the valley.

So you do live in Fairyland!  It actually sounds like a really magical place to live.

      How long have you been making magic with your writing?

Twig fantasies sprouted about three years ago when my young daughter and I first spotted tiny, stick creatures living in the giant western red cedars in our back yard.  Since then we discovered Twigs live in roots, moss, and ferns.  More live in the wide valley below our hill.  Eventually we realized these fascinating and elusive creatures probably live in forests and grasslands all over the world. Have you seen any?

I knew it!  Well I haven’t seen any Twigs, although they sound like delightful little creatures, but my daughter did say she saw a fairy once when she was coming home from swimming, in our local park.  So I guess you have to have a keen eye for the magic folk!

   Are you promoting a particular book at the present time?

I’m always promoting the first three books in the Twig Stories collection:  Leaf & the Rushing Waters, Leaf & the Sky of Fire, and Leaf & the Long Ice.  The fourth book Leaf & Echo Peak’s release will be celebrated later this year.  I also share the books’ royalties with conservation nonprofits, so I promote their good efforts, too, whenever possible.

It is so lovely to hear that you promote conservation Jo – and it is never too early to get children involved with respecting and conserving the environment.  To buy these delightful books, just click on their pictures below.


Twig Stories ~ Leaf & the Sky of Fire ~ front cover (1)

Twig Stories ~ Leaf & the Long Ice - front cvr

 Can you give us the magical details of your latest book?

That would be Leaf & the Long Ice. This story is located on the shrinking glacier of a massive volcano called Echo Peak. Leaf’s younger, twin brothers, Buddy and Burba, run away to play in the glacier’s snow before it all melts.  After frightening encounters with rare beasts of the Long Ice, the twin buds are lost in a maze of blue tunnels.  Leaf must seek help to find them.  Mantru, a cranky old hermit who lives in a cave, and his little pika friend, Winkers, reluctantly join the search.

  Where did the idea come from?  Did a magical imp whisper it in your ear?

Twig Stories books are a collection of four stories each about the exploits of one particular Twig. The first four books are told from the perspective of a young, Old Seeder Branch Twig named Leaf.  The next set is told from his sister Fern’s viewpoint, and the next from Leaf’s younger twin brothers, Buddy and Burba. Each collection is placed in different regions of the western US.  The climate changes impacting those regions drive the Twigs’ journeys.

Twigs worry all the time about many different climate change impacts occurring in the Pacific Northwest.  Shrinking glaciers are only one of the most obvious, so it was natural Leaf should have an adventure there.  Leaf & the Long Ice may help bring attention to the resulting loss of fresh water in this region, too.      

My daughter and I want to tell children about the climate change impacts in our region like insect swarms, wildfires, floods, threatened ecosystems, and endangered species.

Thank you Jo for taking the time to share your lovely Twig books with us here in the Book Corner.  I’m sure our Rainbow Readers will absolutely love them.  

To finish off our time in the Book Corner I would like to share some of the beautiful illustrations from the Twig stories  that Jo has brought along to show us all.  I hope you enjoyed our first Guest’s visit today Rainbow Readers – I hope to have more guest visits soon.

Please click on the pictures to see more Twig Art by the illustrator D.W. Murray

SF image 3 chap 5 leaf flies northSF image 2 chap 3 who lives in a caveLI_3 Mantru & PoppyRW 11 Pappo & Leaf


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